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"Itís a wonderful thesis and it's so refreshing to hear you articulate it because I guess I am in total agreement with it and I have not really heard people articulate it as clearly you have...  I love what you are doing."  - Dr. Louisa Moats, Sopris West 

Seminar & Workshop Inquiry Form
Conference Inquiry Form

"This is probably the most interesting, educational, insightful, researched, helpful, meaningful information
I've received since becoming a teacher."
- J. Stillman, Budlong Elementary, L.A. California

Seminar & Workshop Inquiry Form:

If you are interested in receiving more information or speaking with us about arranging a seminar or workshop in your area please take a moment and fill out the following form so we can respond most appropriately. THE CHILDREN OF THE CODE PROJECT PROMISES THAT WE WILL NEVER SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH ANYONE ELSE. 

Conference Inquiry Form:


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