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Attending a Children of the Code Event



I never fully understood how a child felt when they struggle with reading.  After listening to David Boulton, who explained and played several video interviews in his (National Circle of Learning Conference) keynote address, it was as if the pieces of the puzzle magically appeared and fit into place.  -  N. Schmidt, Trainer, Onondaga Cortland Madison County BOCES, Syracuse, NY

"This was a tremendous workshop! The material presented was eye opening. For the first time, I was given insight into the way we learn and process "the code". By understanding the interlockings of language environment, self esteem and shame based feelings when not reaching learning expectations, it became clear to me why so many become disengaged and disconnected from the "educational process". - D. Hardy - Illinois Action For Children, Chicago, Illinois

"I am a psychologist from Newark, Ohio, and recently attended your presentation on “The Effect of Learning to Read Difficulties on Mental Health” at the School-Based Mental Health conference in Cleveland. As a  mental health practitioner working in schools, I regularly see the effects of learning problems on children’s mental health. Your presentation however, informed me at new levels and inspired me to new heights for working with students’ reading abilities and struggles." - Dr. B. Bloomster, School Intervention Program Coordinator, Newark, Ohio

"Clear explanations that do not focus on the blame game but work toward solutions. This was a tremendous awakening! This much needed information must be spread to the masses!" - B. Smyzer, Educator

"I was extremely impressed by Mr. Boulton's knowledge on the subject of literacy and the extensive research he had done. His analysis of factors contributing to the problem of illiteracy was highly interesting and in some cases new to me. It was a riveting session."  - L. Taylor, Broward County, Florida

"Extremely thought provoking! I really never thought about reading in the way I now am. Thank you!" - G. Willis, Gerald Adams Elementary School, Key West, Fl

"Wow! It is a lot to think about. I know I'll do a better job teaching reading, of course I'd like to know more about strategies to use that would help students struggling to read and comprehend. Great background knowledge!  This information would be very helpful for preschools, daycares, churches, etc. in addition to parents. We should persue every avenue of exposure." – A. M. Randolph, Fort Osage School District , Independence , MO

"You are doing a great service - you are a voice crying in the wilderness about a problem that is very real right now & is only going to get worse (given the ongoing demographic changes of the US) AND you are presenting the way to help (rather than just admiring the problem!) you've done (& continue to do) outstandingly well!!! good show! good work!" - Dr. B. Stone, Psychologist, Kansas

"This was a very powerful experience for me. At several points of the event and in many of the video clips I felt as though you knew that I needed to hear this information for some specific students I have in my class right now. The videos of the children speaking about their feelings hit my heart like a ton of bricks. I realized I haven't asked the struggling readers in my class what they feel like and what they think will help them. I will definitely do this. This presentation gave me such a huge wake up call as to the importance of not letting this get passed on for another year for these children." - Tracy Musil 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher, Burnaby School District , British Columbia  Canada

"GREAT PRESENTATION. My overall experience was very enlightening and powerful...gave me a deeper understanding of the brain and how it relates to the way children struggle with reading and learning. Listening to the videos of the children's thoughts and feelings was very emotional for me. Hence, my thoughts and attitude towards children has now been transformed to a more healthy approach to communicating and interacting with children."  - L. Robinson, Educator, Bermuda

"I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and feel that I have gained some insight and a new perspective about reading and writing and the teaching of these two subject areas.  I was impressed by the fact that Mr. Boulton was not looking for someone to blame." – J. Bertz, Special Education Teacher, Lexington School District , Lexington , MO

"Thank you for your provocative presentation to the librarians in Chicago. Over the course of the next days' workshops and the remainder of the conference we heard many remarks about how you "set the tone" for the conference by reminding us what we are up against." - J. Nelson, Youth Services Coordinator, Pierce County Library System

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