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Comments from
Event Organizers:

Arranging Children of the Code Events


"The most powerful professional development experience I have ever had.   This was truly an awakening for me!  I will never look at the reading process in the same way."  - Julie Colley Lowery, Education Specialist, Alabama State Department of Education, Special Education Services

"The Children of the Code gave a tremendous presentation in our service center about the importance of knowing how to break the code for all students, specially our struggling readers.  I really enjoyed the historical background of the functions of language and how the alphabet symbols came to be part of the magic of reading." - Amy Mares, M.Ed., Sr. Education Specialist, Region One Education Service Center, Edinburg , Texas

"ALL the comments heard from the registration people, people in our classes this week, table discussion leaders etc. have been positive. You made a wonderful contribution. The topics have stimulated classroom discussions. We are extremely pleased with the impact made in our community. You are great. The BIG picture was outstandingly FINE!" - Linda Koehler, Professor of Special Education, University of Central Missouri

"Working with the Children of the Code staff was one of the most delightful experiences in establishing staff development. The training was extraordinary! Six months later, conversations are still occurring around thoughts from that event. It was the easiest and best event we have done! Thank you Children of the Code for outstanding professionalism and customer service while delivering dynamic, relevant information and challenge!" - Mary Ashe, Coordinator,The Literacy 
Connection Project 
Enlightenment, Raleigh, North Carolina

"What David delivered to our small district was a thought-provoking and powerful presentation that emotionally affected, parents, teachers and community members. Two weeks following the seminar, people are still talking about it and wanting to know more. Hopefully this is just the beginning of an awakening......." - Jane Pfautsch, Reading Specialist, Granville Schools, Granville, OH

"Being part of such a sweeping, panoramic view of the complexity of breaking the code and learning how to read, sparked intense dialogue among this committed group of Chicago practitioners. I also appreciated the technical support we received from your organization—the web page links got the word out in a fast, efficient manner." - Marta Sánchez, Family Literacy Project Manager Hull House Chicago, Illinois

"It was a pleasure working with you and having you with our group. The conversations that I have had after the experience have been very positive with a lot of "thought" going on out there!  Your message was heard and already I have been in meetings where administrators incorporated their learning into upcoming presentations and in future planning. Thanks again for sharing the day with us." - S. Wood, Director of Technology and Leadership Development, Oak Hills Local Schools, Cincinnati, OH

"The presentation was very well received. It was informational and engaging. It was a pleasant experience overall. The challenges society puts on reading was very interesting. It is an angle that is not given much importance in other programs. Early reading readiness skills are so important. We have to get the word out. You are doing a good job." - Kyle Hesser, President 2007, Nebraska School Psychologists Association


Thank you for your interest in arranging or helping to arrange a Children of the Code event. 

We offer keynote addresses, presentations, talks, seminars, and workshops. From small group workshops to keynotes for thousands, we customize and orchestrate each event to maximize relevance, connection, insight, and impact. 

Keynotes and Talks (30 to 90 minutes) themes include: We Are Who We Learn to Be“, “Stewarding the Health of our Children’s Learning“, “Children of the Code“, “The Code and the Challenge of Learning to Read It“, “Mind-Shame: The Dark Heart of Learning Difficulties", "Understanding and Preventing Acquired Learning Disabilities" and others.  We have presented keynote addresses at the annual conferences of the Georgia School Superintendents Association, Nebraska State School Psychologists Association, South Carolina Education and Business Summit, Scientific Learning’s National Circle of Learning, the Florida State Literacy Coalition, The Learning Disabilities Symposium of the Winston San Antonio, C.J. Davidson Memorial Lecture Series for The Scottish Rite Learning Center of West Texas, Burnaby School District (Canada), and many others. We have been a featured presenter at conferences and events including the Science Network's 'Science of Educating', the International Dyslexia Association (main international conference), United Way, Rotary International, the Center for Quality Leadership, the National School Mental Health Association, the National Center for Family Literacy,  Lindamood-Bell, ACE of Florida, the Michigan Council for Exceptional Children, and many others.

Seminars (120 to 180 minutes) COTC seminars introduce or extend the themes of our keynotes and talks and go deeper to include:

  • The human, social, and economic dimensions of reading related difficulties.

  • How reading effects our overall learning abilities and the development of our minds.

  • How chronic reading difficulty affects self-esteem.

  • Why so many people experience difficulty learning to read.

  • The connections between family, language, self-esteem, and learning to read.

  • Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

  • The relationship between the alphabet, spelling, oral language, reading, and writing.

  • The code of written English, how it developed and how it works.

  • How the brain uses the code to generate the simulated language experience we call reading.

  • How meaningless code-processing and meaningful language experiences connect.

  • How to 'read' where and why the brains of struggling readers are 'stuttering'.

  • How to become better first-person learners in applying reading methodologies to individual learners.

Workshops (300 to 400 minutes) our workshops use the 'big picture' framework of our talks and seminars to travel deeper into the details while extending the opportunity for audience participation through thought experiments, demonstrations, dialogue and detailed Q&A sessions.

We have conducted over 60 seminars and workshops for colleges of education, state departments of education,  school districts, schools, and literacy organizations.

Learning Stewards is a non-profit organization.  Live events are a vital part of both expressing and supporting our work.  As we don’t sell anything, we do charge fees for our participation at events. However, depending on your event, we may be able to secure donations that can significantly reduce our fees. If you have a limited budget but can make a good case for your proposed event, let us know and we will work with you.

1)  Fees (2014) : Contact us with a description of your event and we will send you our fee schedule: 502-290-2526, email us at code(at) or click here to go to our event inquiry form.

Fees do not include travel expenses, which vary according to how a proposed event fits with existing travel plans. We offer a 10% discount for additional same-day and/or next-day events.

2)  Equipment: LCD projector, PA system  (more detail)

Optional resources we offer in support of our events:

We can provide local organizers with a number of optional resources including customized web pages, on-line registration systems, printable flyers, email templates, and radio and television promotional spots. Fees for optional packages are at COTC cost and range from $250 to 500.00

If you are interested in finding out more about Children of the Code events and/or how to arrange one for your organization please call us at 502-290-2526, email us at code(at) or click here to go to our event inquiry form.

Copyright statement:  Copyright (c) 2014, Learning Stewards, A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, All Rights Reserved. Permission to use, copy, and distribute these materials for not-for-profit educational purposes, without fee and without a signed licensing agreement, is hereby granted, provided that "Children of the Code -"  (with a functioning hyperlink when online) be cited as the source and appear in all excerpts, copies, and distributions.  Thank you. (back to top)