Arranging and Managing Keynotes, Talks, Seminars, and Workshops

Thank you for your continued interest in the Children of the Code project and for your willingness to organize or help organize a Children of the Code event in your area. 

Outline of the Seminar:

Outline of the Workshop:

Comments from Organizers and Attendees of COTC Events:

Overview of what's involved in organizing a live event.

Background for Organizing a Keynote, Seminar or Workshop:

In order to organize a seminar we require:

1)  Fees (2009) : $2,300 -  $3500 (U.S. Dollars) These fees do not include travel expenses which vary according to how a proposed event fits with existing travel plans. $2300.00 is for the 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour conference keynote or for the 2-3 hour seminar. The 6 hour workshop is $3,500.  We require 1/3 of the fee as a deposit and the balance paid on the day of the seminar. We offer a 10% discount for additional same-day and/or next-day events. 

2)  Venue and Equipment:  Room, LCD projector, PA system, and audience refreshments.  (more detail)

3)  Optional resources we offer in support of our events:

We can provide local organizers with a number of optional resources. We can create customized web pages, on-line registration systems, printable flyers, email templates, and radio and television promotional spots. For examples 1) Wichita, Kansas event webpage: 2) two Sided, 1 Page Seminar Flyer/Handout:

Fees for these optional packages are at COTC cost and range from $250 to 500.00

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